Oklahoma State Reformatory

Facility Description
OSR is a medium security institution (799 beds) with a minimum security (200 beds) support unit.  The facility is located at 1700 East First Street in Granite, Oklahoma just South of U.S. Highway 9.

To provide custody and control for medium and minimum security inmates.   Oklahoma State Reformatory will have the primary mission to provide agricultural work and institutional support.  The programmatic mission of Oklahoma State Reformatory is education.

The legislature created the Oklahoma State Reformatory (OSR) in 1909. The construction of OSR was accomplished with prisoner labor. The construction material was primarily granite rock from the Reformatory's own mountain, "Wildcat Mountain." There are no original buildings on the ten-acre walled compound. The oldest structure on the yard is the first floor of the school building (Lakeside High School) built in 1921, with an upper floor added in 1949. All other buildings were built since 1957. 

OSR’s first female Warden, Clara Waters, was the first female Warden in the United States to head a state prison, and the first female to head an all-male prison. Ms. Waters served as Warden at the Reformatory for nine years after being appointed by Gov. Henry S. Johnston in 1927, when she was 37. She brought five years of experience with her (gained from helping her husband, Dr. George Waters, in that job earlier). She required all convicts (inmates), hard-boiled and errant youngsters alike, to attend Sunday church services.She organized Bible classes, literary societies, set up a recreation program and an education program to teach each inmate a trade. This program eventually evolved into Lakeside School, the first fully accredited “behind-the-walls” high school in the United States. 
As additional history, famous aviator and Oklahoman Wiley Post once served time at OSR.  In 1921 he was convicted and sentenced to ten years for stealing a car, but was paroled after one year.

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